Why the Let's Get Cooking! experience is so successful

The experience is a great leveler, the typical team work positions, tasks, context, skills and group hierarchy do not apply. The team has to create new ones around the new activity requirements. Once the team puts on their aprons, they are all at the same level! This opens up opportunities to learn about how the team works when different strengths, skills and organization are required and emerge.

Even though people are out of their typical comfort zone, we are careful to create a non-threatening environment. Ground rules are established that help create a safe, confidential environment where some managed risks are encouraged. Planning and preparing a meal together is a positive adventure for most people and this is encouraged. It’s fun and exciting. There are no exams.

Afterwards we talk about what happened and how we can use the experience to enable the workplace experience. Our participants say to us “Why aren’t our corporate teams more like this?”.

The debrief discussion led by the experienced management coach is not a ‘canned’ presentation but is focused on a variety of organizational and team topics according to the expressed needs and interests of the individuals and the group.