The Let’s Get Cooking! experience has many benefits:

1. It provides a safe, fun and confidential learning experience away from the workplace –people can risk trying new ways of relating and doing things in a relaxed but busy setting

2. It's a gender-neutral, hands-on experience - it creates opportunities for the participants to take ownership of their own learning based on their own experience. ( As one client said," ....and it doesn’t require scaling cliffs or climbing ropes!")

3. Both business and learning cases are less costly– there is more leverage and impact with less time and money coaching and consulting with a group than with individuals.

4. It's based on solid management principles – the management coaches have many years of training and experience in helping organizations and individuals to lead and manage organizational and culture change successfully.

5. The learning sticks – the experience covers the participants` different learning styles – pictures, words, numbers, visual, auditory and tactile. Because the participants take ownership through their own experiences the lessons are taken back to work. A follow-up session in the workplace reinforces the learning and commitment.

So...Let's Get Cooking! and leap forward to higher performance.