This is not a workshop or a team meeting - It's an experience!

The experience is designed to harness the collective wisdom, shared, fun experience and expertise of the management team. It is conducted in a safe and confidential learning environment away from the worksite so that people can stretch outside their comfort zone.

In short, the participants take ownership – it’s their immediate experience that they can learn from and relate to their workplace, with guidance from the specialists.

This is not an academic or typical team building exercise, everyone takes away some new management and cooking skills in the process. Organizational topics such as: strategy development, process improvement, culture change, organizational development, project management, business improvement, change management and leadership training are often explored. More team-based topics frequently arise such as executive teambuilding, conflict resolution, decision making, personnel training, learning and team culture.

Through the process, the cooking and management coaches use a blend of management skill building, training, coaching, facilitation and teaching to ensure that the team’s objectives are met and the company dinner is exceptional!