We follow a four step process:

Step 1: Identifying the Learning Needs

The management coach organizes the team, sets a date, and surveys the participants to identify what they would like to get out of the experience that will help them as a management team.

Step 2: Selecting the Menu

The cooking coach prepares a menu for a gourmet meal that is shared with and agreed upon by the team. Our sommelier recommends wines as appropriate. The team members select who will be preparing the different items on the menu. The cooking specialist prepares the kitchen and orders the food and wines.

Step 3: The Cooking Occasion

The cooking coach takes the team through the process of preparing the dinner, providing guidance, support and advice as required in the process.

When dinner is prepared, the participants sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labour. After the meal, the management coach facilitates a discussion, relating the team’s identified management needs to the process that the team has gone through together.

The individual participants identify their key learnings and set themselves some expectations for applying these at their work.

Step 4: Following-Up

About two weeks later the team reconvenes under the guidance of the management specialist to review their progress and success at applying the learnings, and to plan the next steps.